The Deal Deck™ was created by Mohammed Malik, an entrepreneur who wanted to create something new, fun, creative, and affordable. The idea is to help local business owners and consumers at the same time. Something that would be ideal for everyone, something that would be perfect for any occasion and something that will help the local economy. The goal behind this creative concept is to help small business owners generate revenue while offering consumers great savings, delicious food, and providing exceptional service at the same time; making it a "win – win" for everyone.


Why Local Businesses? 

One major advantage of local businesses to the local economy is that they typically employ a wide variety of supporting services that must also be obtained locally. For example, if a local business needs to add to its facilities, it will hire a local contractor. Local businesses might also require the services of a tax preparer, cleaning service or other local businesses, which increases the amount of work for everyone in the local economy.

Small businesses also typically offer more locally produced goods than large chain stores do. If you have a product that you want to sell, like produce, you may find a local farmers' market that will allow you to sell it. A chain store might purchase all of its strawberries from Florida; while you can sell yours right near your home.

Because of this, individuals in the local economy are able to sell their goods and services at a local business, which benefits everyone in the area.  Another advantage of local businesses is that more of the money spend at a local business stays in the local area. A study done in 2012 in Austin, Texas, by the American Independence Business Alliance found that out of every $100 spent at a nationwide chain store, only about $13 stayed in the local economy. However, out of every $100 spend at a locally owned and operated business, about $45 stayed in the local economy. This provides a huge boost to other local businesses, workers and families in the local area

About The Deal Deck: